6th Grade Supply List

All 6th grade students will need the following:

Headphones (small inexpensive ones)

USB Flash Drive

#2 pencils- your child will need to have a pencil every day

Pens – blue or black ink (NO GEL PENS)

Notebook paper (used in different classes)

One large box of tissues (to be delivered to Puma )

Box of colored pencils or colored markers (to be delivered to Puma Den)

Pencil Pouch

Clorox Wipes (Puma Den)

6th Grade Supplies for Specific Content:


Two glue sticks, to be left in English class

One 1 inch 3-ring binder for English notes/papers (to be left in the classroom)

Pocket folder with 3 prongs in the center, 10-12 page protectors clipped into the folder

one marble composition book

Science (by teacher)

Whitehead- Mead 5 Star, three subject spiral notebook

Stoker-Pack of colored pencils (to be kept in classroom)

Social Studies 

3 ring binder (1 1/2 inch- clear plastic pocket on front cover preferred heavy duty) with paper,

One pocket folder and a pack of at least 20 page protectors.

Colored pencils

Math (by teacher)

Rettig– Red pens for checking, 1 large glue stick, 1 dry erase marker, two boxes of pencils (kept in classroom) and a 3 subject Five Star spiral for notes and homework

Nguyen– Red pens for checking, 1 large glue stick, two dozen pencils (kept in classroom) 2 dry erase markers (Kept in classroom), and a 3 ring heavy duty 1 inch binder with paper with four dividers.

Whitehead- 1 Inch three ring binder

Teachers may have individual requests. These will be posted on fee night.

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7th Grade Supply List

Flash drive

Earphones (inexpensive ones)

One Large (3 inch) Binder OR Separate Binders for each subject (Student Preference)

Subject dividers – 4 to 5 per class (Math, Social Studies, Life Science)

Loose leaf notebook paper

Composition Notebook (Puma Den/ Briere, and Math/McCarter)

1 pack of index cards (McCarter)

Graph paper for Math


Red pens (for checking)

Colored pencils

One Dry Erase Marker (Mr. Przybylski and Mrs. McCarter)

Box of Crayola markers (optional)

2 large glue sticks (McCarter)

1 glue stick

Large box of tissues (Puma Den)

One box of #2 pencils (Puma Den)

2 inch binder, highlighter, 1 pack of sticky notes (Roman)

Teachers may have individual requests. These will be posted on fee night.

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8th Grade Supply List

3 ring binder with dividers for each class

Looseleaf paper

Colored pencils

Red pens


Blue or black pens

Glue sticks

Dry erase markers


4 function calculator

3 x 5 index cards (at least 2)

Composition notebook for Den AND English class

Box of tissue – first block teacher

Hand sanitizer – first block teacher

Teachers may have individual requests. These will be posted on fee night.

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The importance of regular attendance by all students is stressed by the faculty and staff of Short Pump Middle School. Students are expected to attend school each day and also arrive on time to school and each class. Teachers in each class record student attendance throughout the day. Absenteeism not consistent with the record of a student's absence for the day, or a class during the day, is investigated and reported to the appropriate grade level administrator.

Parents should call the school at 360-0800 by 9:30 a.m. if the student is absent or will be late in arriving. All student absences are considered unexcused unless the parent calls the school or sends a written note to provide a justifiable reason for the absence, within 24 hours of the absence. Students will receive no credit for assignments during unexcused absences. Students who reach five (5) days of unexcused absences will be referred to the School Social Worker. A written statement from a physician may be required when a student misses more than ten (10) days during the school year because of illness.  Acceptable excuses for temporary absence from school include the following: (1) illness of the pupil; (2) serious illness in the family which reasonable necessitates absence of the pupil; (3) death in the family; and (4) special and recognized religious holidays regularly observed by followers of a particular faith. The principal must approve other reasons. 

Parents seeking approval for future absences must submit a request to Mr. McAuley at least two weeks in advance.  Parents are discouraged from taking students out of school for vacation or business trips as there are many days allocated in the school calendar for that purpose.  Due to state and federal attendance requirements, few days, if any, will be excused for missing school outside of sickness.  Absences not approved in advance, through the principal, may result in no credit for work missed during the absence.  Due to state testing in late May and early June, absences other than illness will not be excused during this time.   Parents may email Mr. McAuley at 

Tardies/Missing Class
As per the HCPS Code of Community Conduct, students are expected to attend all assigned classes every day. Absence from class includes late arrival, early dismissal, or missing from any class. Justifiable reasons for non-attendance should be submitted to the school for each absence, late arrival, or class absences. Absences from class require approval from the administration. Unexcused tardies and/or missing classes are considered violations of compulsory attendance and students may receive no credit for work missed. See Code of Community Conduct for more information about attendance, tardiness, and truancy.


Homework Policy

The faculty of Short Pump Middle School believes that homework is an
essential part of student learning. Homework provides practice for skill
development, promotes good work habits, and increases self-direction and responsibility. Homework is due on the assigned date and may not be accepted late. Homework should not exceed thirty minutes per subject per night. Homework may account for up to 20% of a student’s grade. Projects, reports, and other assignments are to be turned in on time; the grade will be lowered one letter grade for each day the assignment is late, and after five days assignments may not be accepted.

Make-up Work Policy

Students absent from school five or fewer consecutive days will have the number of consecutive days absent, plus one to make up work missed during their absence. This policy also applies to school-related absences.

A 24-hour turnaround time is required to get homework gathered for a student. It is the student's responsibility to request make-up work.

If a student is absent three days or fewer, the student may get his/her assignments in the following ways:

  1. Check with his/her "Study Buddy" in each class
  2. Check the homework make-up book/chart in the teacher's room or the teacher's website
  3. Speak to the teacher before school or during BRIM

Students absent more than five days will have up to two weeks to make up work missed during their absence, depending on the length and nature of the absence. Please contact your child's guidance counselor to assist in obtaining make-up work if your child has an extended absence.


Textbooks are furnished free of charge to the students of Henrico County.

  • The care of each book issued to a student is that student's responsibility.
  • Each textbook should have the student's and teacher's name inside the front cover.
  • Textbooks are required to be covered to minimize wear and tear.
  • At the end of the school year, a book may be rated one level lower than its condition (at the time of issue) without a charge being assessed.
  • If a book needs rebinding, a fee will be assessed for this repair.
  • Parents will be notified by the issuing teacher of fees for lost or damaged books.
  • Students will not be issued a replacement book until the lost book fee is paid.
  • If all textbooks are not returned and damage fees paid at the end of the school year, parents will need to come to school to pay these fees and pick up the student's report card.

Bell Schedules

The school building opens for students at 7:55 a.m. Students must remain in Commons Area until the bell rings at 8:05 a.m. to report to first block class.




            Warning Bell             8:30 am

            Announcements      8:30 - 8:35 am

            1st Block                     8:35 - 9:16 am (41 min)

            2nd Block                    9:20 - 10:01 am (41 min)

            3rd Block                     10:05 - 10:46 am (41 min)

            4th Block                     10:50 - 11:31 am (41 min)

            5th Block                     11:35 - 1:02 pm

                                                            Lunch 1:        11:37-12:02

                                                            Lunch 2:        12:06-12:31

                                                            Lunch 3:        12:35-1:00

            6th Block                     1:06 - 1:47 pm (41 min)

            7th Block                     1:51 - 2:32 pm (41 min)

            8th Block                     2:36 - 3:15 pm (41 min)



Tuesday/Thursday (Blocks 1, 2, 3 and 4)

Wednesday/Friday (Bocks 5, 6, 7 and 8):

            Warning Bell             8:30 am

            Announcements      8:30-8:35 am

            1st/5th Block               8:35-10:05 am (90min)

            2nd/6th Block              10:09-11-39 am (90 min)

            3rd/7th Block               11:43-1:40 pm (90 min instruction)

                                                            Lunch 1:        11:45-12:10

                                                            Lunch 2:        12:15-12:40

                                                            Lunch 3:        12:45-1:10

                                                            Lunch 4:        1:14-1:39

            4th/8th Block               1:45-3:15 pm (90 min)        


Half-Day Bell Schedule

We will meet all 4 classes (based on Tue-Fri schedule)

1st Period/5th Period        8:35 to 9:25

2nd Period/6th Period       9:30 to 10:20

3rd Period/7th Period       10:25 to 11:15

4th Period/8th Period       11:20 to 12:10


Two-Hour Delay Bell Schedule


10:05 – 10:35  Students report to first block of the day.

Period 1 10:35 – 11:02

Period 2 11:06 – 11:36

Period 5** 11:40 – 1:08

1st lunch 11:42 – 12:07 PM

2nd lunch 12:12 – 12:37 PM

3rd lunch 12:42 – 1:07 PM

Period 3 1:11 – 1:37

Period 4 1:41 – 2:09

Period 6 2:13 – 2:41

Period 7 2:45 – 3:15
** Note Period 5 is out of numerical order to preserve the consistency established during our ‘regular’ Monday schedule.



10:05-10:35- Students report to first block of the day.

Period 1/5- 10:35 – 11:26

Period 3/7**- 11:30-1:26

1st Lunch 11:31-11:56
2nd Lunch 12:00-12:25
3rd Lunch 12:30-12:55
4th Lunch 1:00-1:25

Period 2/6** 1:30-2:21
Period 4/8 2:25-3:15

** Please note: Periods 3/7 and 2/6 are out of numerical order to preserve the consistency established during our ‘regular-school hour’ lunch periods.