The School Counseling Team:

  • Mrs. Heather S. Sharpe,Director – 6th Grade
  • Mrs. Mary Ransom – 7th Grade
  • Mrs. Jentae C. Scott-Mayo- 8th Grade
  • Mrs. Susan J. Martin – Secretary/Registrar

      Phone:  364-0837    Fax:  364-0457

Students may sign up to see the school counselor by stopping by the school counseling office or students may sign up through counseling passes in their classrooms. Parents, teachers, school support staff and administrators may also refer students to see their school counselor.


School Counseling is a proactive and developmental program for students, designed to assist students in developing a positive self-concept, and to help students achieve academic, career, personal and social success. Our goal is to create an environment, which fosters Puma P.R.I.D.E.—positivity, respect, integrity, discipline, excellence.

Ways school counselors interact with students: individual counseling sessions; small group counseling meetings; classroom counseling lessons; assembly programs; and student/parent/teacher conferences.

School counselors consult with parents, teachers, administrators, and school support staff to help students continue to develop a positive self-concept, and to help them achieve academic, career, personal and social success.

Together, our teamwork and partnership will create a successful academic experience, for your middle school student!

School counselors support and enhance student learning by:

  • Serving as an advocate for the student;
  • Promoting student academic success by meeting with students individually and through small group counseling sessions;
  • Assisting in curriculum planning relative to students’ educational pursuits and career goals by completing an academic and career plan for each student;
  • Assisting students and parents with transitional tasks and issues as students matriculate from elementary school to middle school and to high school;
  • Helping with  the Moody IB, specialty center or the Governor’s School application process;
  • Providing information and support for transfer students during the registration process, utilizing the Puma Pride support program, holding a new student welcome social and by meeting with new students each nine weeks;
  • Consulting with parents, teachers, administrators, and community support staff; and
  • Communicating with students, parents, and faculty to promote assembly programs sponsored by the school counseling team.