New Variance Deadlines for Middle & High Schools in 2020

New Variance Deadlines for Middle & High Schools in 2020

Elementary & Middle Schools – April 15, 2020

High Schools – February 17, 2020

What is a Variance? School-age children who reside with their parents/guardians in Henrico County are required to attend the school that serves the area in which their parents/guardians live. However, certain circumstances stated in school board Regulation R6-03-011 allow a parent/guardian to apply for a variance for their child to attend another Henrico County school for a single school year. Applying for a variance does not guarantee one will be granted.

Where can I get information or a variance application?

Detailed information can be found in HCPS policy regulations at in “P6-03-011 and R6-03-011 School Assignment/Variance Procedures”. Forms are also available in the main office.

Deadline exceptions per policy:

Exception #1: The parents of a child who move into Henrico County after February 15 or April 15, as applicable, shall enroll the child in his or her zone school and shall have 30 calendar days following the date the student first enrolls in the zone school to submit a completed variance request to the principal of the zone school.

Exception #2: The high school deadline does not apply for students who are eligible to receive a variance due to special program enrollment, such as ROTC.