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Clubs & Organizations

Art Club

Art club is a space for Pumas to connect with each other, learn about art, and grow in creativity. All Pumas are invited to join! Bring your art supplies and/or a project you are currently working on.

Sponsors are Caroline Velazquez, Cosima Storz, and Maggie O’Connor

PUMA Ambassadors

Contact: Mrs. Sharpe
Puma Pride is a student ambassador leadership program for SPMS. Puma Pride students make a positive and powerful impact on our school climate by welcoming new students to our school! The Puma Pride students:

• Serve as tour guides for new students;
• Help new students find their classes;
• Sit with new students during lunch and introduce them to some new “PUMA” friends;
• Assist the new student at the end of the day by helping them locate their bus;
• If it is needed, help the new student a second day;
• Participate in a new student welcome social;
• Create and produce positive affirmation items for faculty and staff members;
• Serve as tour guides for students and parents during the rising sixth grade evening elective open house;
• Assist with the rising sixth grade summer transition program.

PUMA Pride students may also hand out programs for the Veteran’s Day Assembly and for the RISE program. Some PUMA Pride students read stories to our zoned special needs’ students.

Teachers recommend students for the PUMA Pride program whom have demonstrated positive leadership skills (maturity, dependability, kindness, courtesy, desire to include and welcome other students), and whom have shown an interest in helping others.  Students are required to complete an essay and must attend monthly program meetings, which are held during the school day.

SPMS Multi-Cultural Club

The SPMS Multi-Cultural Club is an organization that provided students the opportunity to learn about other cultures and a safe place to share their own.  Click here for more information.

Sponsor- Jaime Gonzalez

TSA and VEX Robotics

Contact: Mr. Cole
TSA focuses on students enrolled in technology education. Students in this club have an opportunity to use STEM related concepts to solve problems, work with circuit boards, Lego/VEX robotics, CO2 dragster design, flight simulations, and many other activities related to technology. The SPMS chapter has entered several competitions over the past decade. And over that period of time our students have consistently won regional competitions, state level championships, and have finalized in national conference events.


Yearbook is taught as a class. Students are selected the previous school year based on an application process. The staff is comprised of 7th & 8th graders.