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About Short Pump Middle School

About Short Pump Middle School:
Short Pump Middle School located in the suburban, west end of Henrico County. Our school opened in the fall of 1991. Our two-story building represents an innovative facility designed to help achieve the objective of the middle level education. Our classrooms are arranged in grade-level pods. All of our classrooms are equipped with wireless computer connections, telephones, and video beam projectors. Our facility has an integrated communication system, which includes media distribution network to all classrooms.

Our school operates on a modified block schedule; all classes meet on Monday and the remainder of the week alternates each day with four 90 minute classes. All students take English, math, science, social studies, a BRIM class, P.E., and two electives. A variety of academic levels are offered in many courses. Many students in the 7th and 8th grades begin taking courses for high school credit.

Our school has an excellent faculty and staff. In recent years we have had finalists for Teacher of the Year and two Gillman Award winners. Over 50% of our faculty have earned masters or doctorates.

In 2008 Short Pump Middle earned the distinction as a School to Watch, a designation that is held for three years. In 2011 we reapplied and retained our School to Watch title. SPMS is the sole school of the 55 middle schools in the Richmond area, and one of only 25 schools in Virginia to be so honored. In 2008 and 2009 we were recognized as a Governor’s VIP School of Educational Excellence, the highest award earned by Virginia schools. We are proud of these designations and will strive to continue to be a school that others can look to as an exemplar.

Since our opening we have established a tradition of excellence through high academic standards and achievement. Our mascot is the Puma and our colors are red, white, and black. We celebrate the full accreditation status that Short Pump Middle School received as a result of our students’ achievements on the Standards of Learning tests and other state requirements. Out of more than 380 middle schools in Virginia, Short Pump Middle School was one of the first twelve middle schools to receive full accreditation.

We are excited about our talented students and value working with their supportive and involved parents; research shows that involved parents have the most successful students. Our students’ talents are exemplified in some of the finest music and art programs in the school division, as well as boasting winning records in nearly every sport. We are especially proud of our Technology Student Association (TSA), which placed first in the state for five years; last year placing in the top ten.

This past year our students distinguished themselves by high passing rates on SOL in the Core areas, with 98% in science, 93% in English, 98% in History, and 96% in Math.


After School Activities

If a student stays after school for any extra-curricular activity, clubs, or sports, the student must have a signed Student Activity Pass from the parent/guardian on the day of the activity giving the student permission to stay. Students who do not have a written note will be sent home on the bus, or parents will be required to come and pick up their child. This policy does not apply to athletes during their sport season. Students not picked up within 15 minutes of the conclusion of an activity may lose the privilege of attending future activities.


Students absent from school five (5) or fewer consecutive days will have that number of consecutive days absent plus one to make up work missed during their absence. This policy also applies to school related absences.  Teachers will usually have 24 hours notice for homework requests.

If a student is absent three (3) days or less, the student may get his or her assignments in the following ways:

1.   Check the teacher’s HCPSLink homework listing.

2.   Check with  "Study Buddy" in each class,

3.   Check the homework make up book/chart in their teacher's room prior to homeroom

       when they return, and/or

4.   Speak directly to the teacher before school.

Teachers:  Please note, work missed during an unexcused absence will result in zeros.

Students absent more than five days will have two weeks to make up work missed during their absence.  Please note that students suspended must be provided work during their absence and shall not be penalized academically for the absence.  In the case of a suspension, the administrator will notify the counselor, who will request work from each teacher.  It is imperative that teachers supply work in a timely manner.


Arrival Time to School

Parents may NOT drop off students before 7:55 a.m. unless they have an appointment with a teacher because there is no staff on duty to monitor students.

Parents dropping off students in the morning should follow the posted signs and pull up to the front of the drop off patio in front of the school to allow several cars to unload students at the same time. During this time, students should be ready to unload quickly.

Students are to report to the commons if arriving before 8:05 a.m. After 8:05 a.m., all students report to the first block immediately upon arrival to school.

Students arriving after 8:35 a.m. will be considered tardy.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones may not be on, visible, or used at any time while on a school bus or any time while on school property prior to 3:30 p.m. or for social reasons while attending after-school activities. If a staff member sees a cell phone in a student’s possession, the phone will be confiscated. Phones may be picked up by the parents the next school day.

Cell phones are not to be used in the gym or auditorium, including evening programs and concerts.

Any student who has a cell phone out during a test or quiz will receive a zero on the test and the phone will be confiscated.


A full-time Registered Nurse staffs the clinic at Short Pump Middle School. The main purpose of the clinic is to provide each student, faculty member, and staff member with care for
problems which arise at school. It is not meant to replace your physician's office.

When a student comes to the clinic because he/she does not feel well, the nurse will evaluate the child's health status and, if possible, will encourage the student to return to class. If the student
has a fever of 100 degrees or more, is vomiting, or having diarrhea, he/she may NOT return to class, and a parent will be called to pick up the student.

When a student comes to the clinic because of an injury, first aid will be provided, and if possible, the student will return to class. If the student cannot return to class, a parent will be
called. When necessary, the rescue squad will be called to transport the student to an emergency room.

With approximately 800 students, plus faculty and staff to care for, we are very busy much of the time. Therefore, we are not able to call parents every time a student comes to the clinic. We
use our best judgment, as professionals, to determine when parents need to be called. The clinic is responsible for school hours’ administration of medication to students. We have a
large number of students who take daily medications. For the first few weeks after a student begins to take daily medication, we try very hard to call the student to the clinic if he forgets to come at the appropriate time. However, it must become the responsibility of the student to remember to take his/her medication each day.

Prescription Medications:
1. A form must be completed and signed by the PHYSICIAN & PARENT.
2. Medication MUST be brought into the school by the parent/guardian in its ORIGINAL CONTAINER (not in a “baggie”).
3. Inhalers are prescription medications, and the correct form MUST be on file in the clinic.
Under certain conditions, students may be allowed to keep inhalers with them, but ONLY with the written permission of the physician and parent.

Over the Counter Medications:
1. A form must be completed and signed by the parent for each medication.
2. Medication MUST be brought into the school by the parent in its ORIGINAL CONTAINER (baggies, envelopes, and other bottles will not be accepted).
3. If an over the counter medication is taken for more than three consecutive days, we must have a note from the doctor.

Medications and forms are not kept from year-to-year. New forms must be completed each school year and whenever the dose of the medication changes. Medications left in the clinic after the last day of school in June are discarded. These policies are in place to protect all of the children in our school.


Each student will be assigned two lockers; one by the homeroom teacher, and one by the physical education teacher. Students must use school combination master locks(V610), which are purchased at school. Students are not to divulge their combinations to other students. Locks should be kept locked at all times.

Lost & Found

All found items are sent to the office. If they are not claimed, they are put in a designated area. Several times during each year, unclaimed items are donated to a local charity.


All visitors must abide by the parking regulations. Signs are posted where cars may not be parked. Please park ONLY in marked spaces. Please follow one-way arrows for traffic flow in front lots. These regulations are designed for the safety and protection of our students and guests. Tickets will be given to those who do not comply.


Please do not come into the school to meet your child.


Pathways is an in-school suspension program provided for those students who have exhibited misconduct in the regular classroom and for whom an alternative instructional setting is desirable on a short-term basis and is intended to bring about a change in pupil attitude. It is also a step in the logical progression of accountability measures available to our school. An administrator determines assignment to the program, and the length of the assignment is determined by the seriousness of the infraction. Students assigned to Pathways are excluded from all extra-curricular activities before and after school.

Resource Officer

The School Resource Officer at Short Pump Middle School has three
primary responsibilities: 

  1. SAFETY: To ensure that the school remains a stable and secure environment for our students. 
  2. EDUCATION: To address classes on legal issues in units they are studying and to answer questions that students may have from these units. 
  3. CHARACTER: To encourage students to demonstrate good character
    traits through such activities as the law enforcement club.

If I may be of any assistance to you or your child, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Residency Policy and Withdrawal Process

Residency Policy
A parent/legal guardian must report an address change and provide residency documentation within 10 days of their move. Failure to report an address change or provide residency documentation in the required timeframe will result in: 1) denied transportation services until the address is reported and documented at the school, and 2) the student may be withdrawn from the school and transferred to the correct zone/district within 5 days of written notification to the parent or legal guardian.

Withdrawal Process
If you are moving out the Short Pump Middle School zone, please notify the school registrar, as soon as possible. Your child will be required to have his/her teachers complete a withdrawal form, which will include information confirming transfer grades and the return of textbooks. Please be sure that your child returns textbooks, library books, and the laptop, charger and case prior to withdrawing. Your new school will request records once you complete the enrollment process.

Traffic Plan


Speed Limit: 15 mph

Entrance to the School:

When entering the school from the south (Twin Hickory Lake Drive/Broad Street), be mindful of the entrance/exit into the Learning Experience Daycare.  Do not commit to the turn lane until passing the daycare entrance.  Committing early will confuse drivers exiting the Learning Experience parking lot.



There are 2 large parking lots in front of the school, and one in the rear of the school.  There are also temporary and handicap parking spaces directly in front of the school.


Student Pickup:

At 2:30 p.m., cones are placed blocking the loop to the front of the school and signage directs parents to park in the nearest front lot. One way signs direct traffic counter clockwise around the lot to the main entrance/exit. At 3:15 students are released and walk to the lot to meet their parents. At 3:25 the cones are removed giving access to the front loop.  Rationale: Historically, parents arrived as much as 45 minutes before school ended and parked in front of the school to wait. On many days the traffic backed up to Pouncey Tract Road. This made it impossible for parents to get to the school from about 2:45 – 3:15 to pick up their student or for emergency vehicles to access the front of the school.  Each afternoon, an SRO and administrator is stationed to observe the safe flow of student pick-up. Admin wait with students in a safe grassy area to the west side of the parking lot. At approximately 3:25, any students not picked up yet, will be escorted to the front of the school


Student Drop Off:

Students can be dropped off beginning at 7:55am. (Students dropped off between 7:55 and 8:05 wait in the commons until the 8:05 bell. A staff member is assigned to that area for monitoring.  The drop off area directly in front of the school is indicated by two yellow lines and signs directing drivers to pull forward before stopping and exiting passengers. Each morning an administrator, staff member, and SRO are assigned to monitor the drop off.  


Entering the School Building:

Visitors will be buzzed in starting at 8:35 a.m.  Visitors MUST report directly to the office when entering the school.  Visitors MUST NOT wait in the commons area without checking into the office first.  The gymnasium entrance (directly to your left as you face the main entrance) is open to allow use for extracurricular events.  After 4:30pm, the main office is closed and access to the commons area is prohibited (except during special events)

The bus loop is identified as the north entrance of the school directly across from Kain Road. This entrance is for School Buses only and is clearly marked.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.31.07 AM   Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.31.20 AM


Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.31.33 AM


Our staff and drivers are committed to maintaining a safe transportation program. Riding the bus is a privilege and should not be abused. The appropriate behavior expected of every student in school is equally important on the bus, promoting the safety of all passengers.

Bus passes will be granted only in the case of a family emergency, and after an administrator verifies the written request with a parent. All written requests must be submitted to the grade level administrator by 10:00 a.m. on the date of the requested change. Approval will be given for emergency situations only.

Students are not allowed to carry items that could pose a potential hazard to occupants on the bus or be a driving hazard, such as balloons, glass containers, etc. Students will not be permitted to eat or drink on the bus.

Repeated misconduct on the bus may result in a loss of transportation

For a complete list of expectations, please refer to the HCPS district transportation website page.


In order to enter the building, individuals should ring the buzzer and proceed to the main office for further assistance. A picture id will be required of all persons entering the school as per HCPS Policy.


Please be sure that students arrive at school prepared for the school day, as they will not be notified when items are dropped off in the office. (i.e., lunch, school work, musical instruments, sports equipment, gifts, etc.)